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Feng, Y., 2022. Rich Interaction for People with Dementia - Designing Interactive Systems with Rich Interaction for Enhancing Engagement of People with Dementia Living in Long-term Care Facilities. p259. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, ISBN 978-90-386-5522-2.

Peer-reviewed journal papers


International Journal of Social Robotics, Springer (IF 5.126)

Feng, Y., Perugia, G., et al., 2022.  Context-Enhanced Human-Robot Interaction: Exploring the Role of System Interactivity and Multimodal Stimuli on the Engagement of People of Dementia. International Journal of Social Robotics, 14(3), 807-826.


International Journal of Social Robotics. Journal of Universal Computer Science (IF 1.139)

Honegger, F., Feng, Y., Rauterberg, M., 2021. Multimodality for Enhancing Presence of Passive Experience: Effects of Visual, Auditory, Vibration and Draught Stimuli on Perceived Realism. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 27(6), 582-608.

Sensors, MDPI (IF 3.576)

Feng, Y., Emilia, B., et al., 2020. Effects of the Level of Interactivity of a Social Robot and the Response of the Augmented Reality Display in Contextual Interactions of People with Dementia. Sensors, 20(13), 3771.

Peer-reviewed conference papers


International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2019, Madrid, Spain)

Adding a Context: Will It Influence Human-Robot Interaction of People Living with Dementia?

Hendrix, J., Feng, Y., van Otterdijk, M., and Barakova, E., 2019. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Social Robotics.

Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS 2019, San Diego, US)

LiveNature: Ambient Display and Social Robot-Facilitated Multi-Sensory Engagement for People with Dementia.

Feng, Y., Yu, S., van de Mortel, D., Barakova, E., Hu, J. and Rauterberg, M., 2019, June. In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems Conference (pp. 1321-1333). ACM.

International Symposium of Chinese Computer-Human Interactions (ChineseCHI 2018, Montreal, Canada)

Closer to nature: Multi-sensory engagement in interactive nature experience for seniors with dementia.

Feng, Y., Yu, S., van de Mortel, D., Barakova, E., Rauterberg, M. & Hu, J. 21 Apr 2018 Proceedings of Chinese CHI 2018 - 6th International Symposium of Chinese CHI, ChineseCHI 2018. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, Vol. Part F137135, p. 49-56 8 p.

International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2018, Funchal, Portugal)

Dynamorph: Montessori inspired design for seniors with dementia living in long-term care facilities.

Feng, Y., van Reijmersdal, R., Yu, S., Rauterberg, G. W. M., Hu, J. & Barakova, E. I. (2018) Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment: 9th International Conference, INTETAIN 2017, Funchal, Portugal, June 20-22, 2017, Proceedings. Chisik, Y., Holopainen, J., Khaled, R., Silva, J. L. & Silva, P. A. (eds.). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, p. 49-58 10 p. (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST; vol. 215)

International Conference on Smart Health (ICSH 2017, Hong Kong, China)

Using observational engagement assessment method VC-IOE for evaluating an interactive table designed for seniors with dementia.

Feng, Y., van Reijmersdal, R. J. H., Yu, S., Hu, J., Rauterberg, G. W. M. & Barakova, E. I. (2017) International Conference on Smart Health, ICSH 2017, Hong Kong, China, June 26-27, 2017: proceedings. Chen, H., Zeng, D. D., Karahanna, E. & Bardhan, I. (eds.). Cham: Springer, p. 26-37 12 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 10347)

Other publications


Robotics Technology Symposium 2019 (RTS 2019, Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Feng, Y., Barakova, E. I., etc. 2019, Poster presentation. Closer to Nature: Interactive Installation Design with a Therapeutic Robot for Enhancing Positive Engagement in Seniors with Dementia. 

Article Published on Mechatronica & Machinebouw Magzine, the Netherlands, 2019

Robots Meet Social Skills. p18-19.

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