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This project is in collaboration with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Hospital Organizer (Norway) and Synaptic Technologies (Norway) as technology consultancy company.

One third of the 65+ generation are experiencing a fall each year. The falls are most likely to happen at home. Luckily most of the falls do not cause severe injuries by themselves. But the elderly do need help getting up - lying on the floor can lead to pressure sores, dehydration or even death. EIR is the next generation wearable alarm design that prevents accidental fall and calls for help immediately when needed. It consists of an induction charging station and a wearable brick that stick directly on your skin. By pressing the surface of the brick user can trigger an alarm and connects to help they need. The design case was further developed fitting four different user scenarios including Alarm EIR, Location EIR, Medical EIR and Activity EIR and put into market by Nornir Design, Norway.

案例eir01 长页.jpg

Wearable Alarm for Preventing Accidental Fall

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